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Global Talent Services is the premier recruitment agency that provides executive search services for our enterprises customers. We have helped hundreds of large organizations in senior executive searching in multiple regions that include Hong Kong, Singapore, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, China and Taiwan. We provide executive search services for different vertical industries like information technology (IT), banking, financial services, insurance, professional services, telecommunication, manufacturing, property development, retail and others industry verticals.

We have an in-house developed Global CRM system that have more than 15,000 senior executive profiles in APAC regions that we can do candidate filtering based on multiple searching criteria like skills, working experiences, package, language, geography, professional qualification, availability and even attitude scores. 

Our team of senior consultants who have over fifteen years in executive search of senior positions with an annual package of HK$1M+, for postions like CEO, CFO, COO, CTO, Department Head, Business Unit Head, General Managers and Senior Directors.  

Please contact us through our Global Executive Email and all the information will be kept highly confidential.


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