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China Work Permit Services

We would like to introduce to you our China work permit service which is one of our most sought-after and highly-rated services.  Global Talent has been providing quality work permit services to our clients for years.  Our work-permit team comprises of professional consultants who have more than a decade’s experience and the expertise in liaison with Chinese government bureaus.  We are proud of our superb track record of successful applications which, at any rate, is among the best in the industry.  At Global Talent, you will also be pleased by our proficient and tailor-made services at a modest service charge.

For every application, we aim to assist expatriates in obtaining work and resident permits in the most efficient and timely way while ensuring compliance with the immigration laws.  For each case, a designated member from our work-permit team will oversee the process, who will provide on-site assistance to the applicant at different government bureaus/departments.

With our China work permit service, we will save you from the iterative liaison with government officials and filling in dozen of pages of application forms.  More importantly, our service will save your human resources department manpower and time which should well be spent on other core business areas.


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